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Affordable Business Plan
Practial Approach to Starting a Buinsess
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The Affordable Business Plan
A practical Common Sense approach to starting a business!

A few words about the Affordable Business Plan

We believe that running a business can be hard.
We believe that launching a business is harder.

The Affordable Business Plan approach:

          Launch the business, first
          Run the business, second

We are focused on doing the following:

Allowing good entrepreneurs to succeed

Allowing the market/customer to identify good products/businesses

Getting the entrepreneurs’ ideas onto paper where they can be evaluated

Getting the entrepreneurs in front of the customer, ASAP

Minimizing risk for everyone

Shortening the path to success

Allowing the innovators to shine

Building sound businesses from day 1

Helping others generate economic growth

Leveling the playing field for the little guys

Helping entrepreneurs gain confidence in working with outside resources

This approach is built on wisdom and experience:

Initial business plans do not survive first contact with the customer

Solid business plans are created by a team of people

Successful businesses fulfill unmet needs:

First, for the customer
Later, for the owner

Successful entrepreneurs need not be the best students

In the USA everyone can be in business if they choose

Most business start-ups fail

The biggest indicator of future success is past failure

Killing an idea is success; it frees us to find better ideas


Affordable Business Plan Brochure
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